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May 09 2011

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March 31 2011

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wendy asked ~ the vampire diaries or true blood


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March 12 2011

March 10 2011

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March 09 2011

February 15 2011

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February 13 2011

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February 04 2011

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I know I'm hot, you don't have to stare, you know.
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Look at those blue eyes and drown in them.
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The Vampire Diaries Episode 13

Last review, I said we were up for surprises this episode and the show delivered on that promise. The 42 minutes were both exciting and heartrending for different reasons. Now, let's get down to business.

You can see the arc of the show progress into a new complexity. Yes, Damon loves Elena, but he's taking that love in a whole new way. Ordinarily, when you love a person, you commit to them, but Damon soaked himself in the bathtub and got a journalist as a Happy Meal instead. However, his character is showing more emotion now, since you could see he was on the verge of tears while talking about Elena and her request for him to be a better man. It's frustrating to see that he is spiraling back into the old Damon, however. Also, why is it that he compels every person he purges his soul to? Man up, Damon. Who knows? Honesty just might get you the girl. Poor news lady got bitten. Then again, she kissed Ian Somerhalder, which is a great cause for murder.

Elena is a soul in conflict right now. We can see how much she loves Stefan yet we also know she cares very much for Damon. In other regards, I think John's declaration of fatherly love might have sent her into doubt, but who knows? We'll need to watch out for her future actions and see which brother has her heart. The better man request was epic!

John is back and trying to get into Elena's good graces. One, his conversation with his daughter was nice, the sort you want to hear from your Dad. Elena still has misgivings though, which are understandable given Daddy's past actions. In the end of the episode, we got to see John pay a visit to Katherine, which justifies Elena's doubts, in my opinion. What is he up to?

Tyler and Caroline were getting all smoochy in the last episode. In this one, we see poor Caroline get caged and shot, while Tyler didn't know. Jules is setting out to win a bitch streak two episodes in a row. She f-ing shot Damon! Of course, Tyler tries to say sorry, to which Caroline responds by slamming the door in his face. We'll have to see where that takes their relationship. Oh, and Caroline was totally kick-ass!

Stefan is commendable in this episode. Of course he has his peacemaker attitude, but his battle skills were a refreshing sight. Catching stakes and all, Stefan is giving Alaric the slayer a run for his money. Also, his gentle concern for Caroline is just adorable. I think his character is moving beyond just being the broody brother and is becoming just as much of a bad-ass protector as Damon, in his signature Stefan way. Go Team Salvatore!

I also want to give points to Elijah, who is obviously taking his deal with Elena very seriously by sending his warlock to give the wolves the signature headache. This adds to my liking of his character and is solidifying Jules, Katherine and Klaus as our main villains.

As of the moment, Jules is our villain extraordinaire. Let's list it, shall we? First she goes after Damon and ends up killing Rose, who dies because of it. The she kills a cop with a log, makes Tyler turn against Caroline and cages said vampire while leaving her minions to shoot her like an animal. And did I mention? She shot Damon. This means war!

Our doubts in this episode include Uncle John's loyalties and Katherine's plans. Also, we'll have to see how Damon will treat Andy the news lady, as well as if he will make any more strides in his quest to be a better man. Next up on our watch list is Klaus's arrival, which is sure to mean mayhem.

Award time, readers!

Best Performances for Male
Ian Somerhalder as Damon
Paul Wesley as Stefan
David Anders as John Gilbert

Best Performances for Female
Nina Dobrev as Elena
Candice Accola as Caroline

We Don't Trust You Yet Award
David Anders as John Gilbert

You're Dead Award
Michaela McManus as Jules

Moving On Up Award
Daniel Gillies as Elijah

Bad-Ass Moment Awards
Caroline slams the door in Tyler's face
- you could see the hatred pouring off her.
Stefan catching the stakes
- looks like the good brother has got mad skills.

Loving Confession Awards
John says he'll do anything to protect Elena
- at this point we don't know if it's the truth or just bullshit.

Best Quote Award
"She wants me to be the better man, which means I can't be who I am."
- Damon
"Well maybe this is who you are now. Love does that, Damon. It changes us."
- Andy the Reporter

Tortured Soul Award
Ian Somerhalder as Damon
- you can see how his emotions are just thrashing inside and breaking him down.

Villain Moment Award
Jules shoots Damon
- you really didn't think I'd leave that out, would you?

Traumatic Yet Awesome Award
Damon rips the werewolf minion's heart out and tosses it away
- this one shocked me but is just too awesome in a way only Damon can achieve.

I'll leave you all there, dear readers. If you haven't watched it yet,the link to the episode is in the title, so click it. I hope you enjoy or enjoyed the episode as much as I have. Look forward to yet another review when the episode Crying Wolf comes out next Thursday on the CW. Until then, may you have a fangtastic time!

February 01 2011

Eric is gonna get amnesia in Season 4 of True Blood. Fans of DTTW sure know this as a good thing!
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Shit, Jimmy Kimmel was right. Why are there no ugly vampires?
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Episode 2x13 Trailer from The Vampire Diaries
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January 31 2011

I cannot wait for the new episode. Damon is in a bathtub. Oh yeah!
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January 28 2011

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Why don't you sit back and take a sip of liquid, red gold?
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Click on the title of the post below and it will take you to watch the episode!
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